The Birth, Marriage and Death records for St Mary's began in 1559 but they are patchy in the late 1600s. These are all held at The Staffordshire Record Office.


All the memorials in St Mary's church have been catalogued and nearly all have been photographed.


The Memorials Index lists the names of all those mentioned on any monument, window, plaque or memorial not just the dedicatee of the memorial. It also includes those listed in The Memorial Book for the two World Wars. It lists the location of the memorial, the type of memorial and the dates (age from year of death etc.) for the dedicatee where given. Both of these are available for viewing at the Welcome Desk in church.


We have recently acquired the two War Memorials from Christchurch which closed in the 1980s and these are now in the North Transept. The names from these memorials have been added to the Memorials Index.


Points to Note:


    Castlechurch is also dedicated to St Mary and the graveyard is still open.



Ian Miller